PRIDE 2022

A 40th Anniversary of Pride

This year marks 40 years since the very first Pride Weekend was held with the theme “Pride Through Unity” and came about one year after the Pisces Bathhouse Raid. That year several community organizations came together and held multiple events from a drag show & buffet to a ball game, a Unity Dance, picnic and BBQ’s and more.

Our organization reached out to the 2 SPIRIT and QTBIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+ Network to hear their voices and listen to their concerns over previous Pride events prior to 2019 when Pride events were cancelled. We then developed an action plan to hear more from our many community organizations in 3 Paid Community Engagement Sessions. Each will be attended by 9 representatives from a list of 18 organizations and additionally 9 interested community members will have a seat. We are doing these leading up to and throughout Pride Month 2022 in Edmonton.

We have also put together a Community Engagement Survey, with guidance from from Capital Pride Ottawa, then will be posting it on multiple Facebook community pages seeking input from the general public. If you wish to participate in the survey you may do so at the link above to get involved, volunteer with us and participate in building a better Pride!

Events for this Years Pride!

One thing we all have agreed is that Pride needs to be more than a Pride Weekend as it originally started out and even more than a Pride Week. We are committed to working towards upholding the values, needs and demands of QTBIPOC and 2S organizations. We are just starting, but we are deliciated to giving HALF of all funds that are made from this year and future years Pride to local QTBIPOC organizations.

  • We are working with the Mayors Office to have a proclamation made to celebrate PRIDE MONTH at a Kick-off event at City Hall Plaza Friday, June 3rd at 4:00PM. And what better time than on its 40th anniversary.
  • We have submitted a request to have the High Level Bridge lighted up on June 3rd in the Rainbow colors to celebrate our 40 years of Pride in Edmonton.
  • Capital Pride Edmonton is planning a Pride Drag Brunch June 25th on Churchill Square which will feature local drag performers from our diverse community. will be donated to local 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations.

Pride 2023

After Pride we are compiling the data from the Community Engagement Sessions and the first Survey and prepare a new Pride 2023 Vision Survey, which we will then bring to you at the many events in our community – with the cooperation of the organizations hosting the events. The purpose of this one will be to see what our community wants Pride 2023 to look like and provide a platform for us all to build a bigger, better more inclusive Pride in Edmonton.

Get involved!

How can you be involved? We want to hear from our many Community Organizations. We have contracted a Community Engagement Facilitator who has already started reaching out to many but if you want to be sure we have a chance to hear your thoughts then you can contact them through this Contact Form.

Community Engagement Contact Form

Check out our Community Engagement Survey to sign up to volunteer, and have your say in Pride

If your Organization is planning a Pride event then please go to our Events Page and find the Event Submission Page link to submit your information and we will publish it for FREE in our calendar. And then stay tuned to this website and our social media accounts for more updated information.