Who we are:
Capital Pride Edmonton is a 2SLGBTQ+ organization that was founded to learn our past, grow our present, and forge our future. We seek to bring an inclusive perspective of Pride that celebrates equity, diversity, holds space for the Two-Spirit, QTBIPOC community, and emboldens our spirit to create a Pride that is for the community, by the community.

What we are doing:
As the world starts to come back together, we are doing the same. We seek to reignite Pride by reaching out to our community and ensure all voices are heard on what Pride means to them by building a foundation to bring Pride 2023 to Edmonton.

Our Demands

1) That the Pride Society univite the RCMP, military, & Edmonton Police Service from marching in future parades.
2) That the society re-structures it’s board and staff hiring practices to have more representation from people of colour and trans folks. (consider their capacity, discuss giving honorariums through this).
To honour time and living experience of visible minorities in the mainstream 2SLGBTQIA+ community, we also must consider personal capacity and the overall wellbeing of those serving in frontline communities. By extension, those who may not be able to commit to board/committee/council/volunteer work with Capital Pride. Period! 
We will have a separate, paid, QTBIPOC advisory committee that our board will be held accountable to, in addition to the 2SLGBTQ+ network. 
3) That more well-funded spaces specifically designed for people of colour and trans folks be included at the festival.
4) That all mainstream pride spaces clearly acknowledge and honour pride’s history as a demonstration against police oppression.

5) Actively anti-discriminatory (anti-racist, decolonizing, anti-oppressive)
2S & reconciliation.

Our intention is to actively uplift the voices of marginalized community members who are impacted by oppression in our community. We will be hiring contractors and providing honorariums for the community in effort to uplift these individuals, and providing anti-racist and anti-discriminitory training to all involved with our organization. 

Learn more about what we have been doing to meet these demands here: https://capitalprideyeg.ca/community-engagement-our-commitment/